Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This week is, so far, shaping up to be a good one. I worked Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday was a bit special because even though I have yet to take the preceptor class, I was given a new hire to precept for the day. This adds to the ego boost I've been receiving at work, lately. I haven't shared much, because it's embarrassing...in a good way?...but a little over a week ago we had {what everyone thought was} a real deal JCAHO survey. STRESS EVERYWHERE TO THE MAXIMUM. Basically, this means everything has to be in tip-top shape. All things need to be in the appropriate places, and everyone needs to know everything ever made known ever. Because they can talk to you! And talk to me they did. Of course, they would choose one of my patients to do a chart review. Therefore, they chatted with me, with my supervisor present, and had me go through the chart while asking me some questions. They informed me, too, that they were simply the mock crowd to prepare us for the real JCAHO peeps.

Basically, they told me I did very well. Yay! After this, my supervisor would not stop talking about it and praising me to everyone she encountered. This, of course, makes me feel super awesome, but super red-faced whenever it's brought up.

Yesterday, I had the day off and since it was President's Day Phillip had the day off, too! We went over to our friends Justin and Heather's home for lunch, which turned into an all day awesome affair. Tasty food, sweet treats, games, and HIMYM. We had a super fun time. Also, I took this video of Margot dancing:

Another important tidbit about Sunday: IT WAS MY BROSTER'S {aka brother's} BIRTHDAY! He's all of 24 years old now. What makes this even better is that I get to see him in exactly one week! My aunt will be in Arizona all next week, Trey flies in on Tuesday, and then Mom joins the party on Thursday! I'm pumped.

This kid is super fantastically awesome.

He's a pretty good dude.
I love my brother!

Have a great week!

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