Monday, February 13, 2012

Week of Prayer

There are some really awesome things in the works here people. This past weekend Phillip and I both were up at UCYC, once again, for Velocity's (our high school group) winter camp. Our break out sessions after each service, particularly Saturday night, really allowed me to see, yet again, just how incredible these kids are. I love the companionship and family they share...we share. So many of them recognized that this group, that New Life, is like a family and it's exactly where they're supposed to be.

Cabin time

Brian aka "Gaga Man" / Gaga Ball
Lumberjack games--Log toss

Log rolling

Ray, Bones, & Sterling were BOSS at this game! They got that dummy away and back to the finish line in mere seconds!
Ray and Sterling dominated!

Not too shabby for 2 minutes

Jason was awesome and set the record!

Crystal / Crystal & Arie rock climbing

Michelle / Beautiful sunshine
The girls scaring me to death up at the top of the rocks!

There's nothing more powerful than witnessing young kids worshiping the Lord!

Rachel aka "Bones" and I

Ashley & Diana



Mary & I! Love this girl!

I'm so blessed to be a part of this, whether it's momentary or more long-term. That spins into a whole different topic. Phillip's internship is complete in June and we're stuck trying to decide and figure out where our lives will be heading once that time arrives. My initial desire is to return "home" to the Midwest. Phillip's more inclined to stay here where New Life is initiating many new and exciting things. They've already asked him what it would take to keep him on staff after the internship is complete. Proud wife over here! Phill is so excited for what lies ahead for this church. Just last night a week of 24/7 prayer was started. Every hour of the day, someone from our church, plus one staff person, is in prayer. That's 168 hours of straight prayer! Phillip has already been there at 6AM this morning and I'll be there at midnight Thursday morning. The prayer room allows for so much expression and wonderful communication with God with various stations of music, scents, writings, instruments, paints, etc. Pair that with my emotional attachment to the kids and you can see just the personal turmoil I have making this decision about our future!

I think (yes?) my primary desire is still to return to the Midwest. The main thing I'm praying for now, though, is for God to make HIS desire known to Phillip and I. We both have our ideas and wants, but when we consider what our purpose is here on earth, we remember that it's not our wants that should dictate what we do and where we go. We are here on earth to serve a larger purpose and I'm working to make myself accepting of whatever the Lord asks of me.

This. Is. Tricky.

With all that laid out, we could certainly use any extra prayers that you feel like sending our way! We know we have an option to remain here, but Phillip is also entertaining his wife by looking for possible positions elsewhere, too. We're looking. We're praying. We're waiting.

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