Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week of Prayer v. 2

This prayer room really is spectacular. I give such high praise to New Life for initiating such a great thing. I signed up to pray from 12AM-1AM last night. I'm pleased that I was able to go a couple days into the week of prayer because it allowed me to see the evidence of prayer all over the room from others coming through, praying to God, and praising Him. What made my time there even better was Phillip arriving for his scheduled time at 1AM allowing for shared prayer time. We held hands, bowed our heads, and lifted our shared prayers to the Lord.

There are 4 different wall spaces: Welcome Wall, Wailing Wall, Worship {I-can't-really-remember-the-name-of-it wall} Wall, & the World Wall. You can see some of the Wailing Wall to the back right with post-it notes lifting up names of those to be prayed for who need Jesus in their lives and the Worship wall to the left with musical instruments near & paints and written words giving thanks to God and sharing discovered truths.

There are multiple stations throughout the room, too, with different prompts and ideas for prayer. Worship music. Scented oils. Our shoes were removed, for this is holy ground.

This may sound a bit much for some, but I promise you it really is simply a perfect prayer house of worship. I am a skeptic for things different and obscure. Yet, I truly love this. This past Sunday evening at the worship night service, it was said that many times people say we can't afford to take the time to pray, when in actuality we can't afford not to pray. This really resonated with me. I do not typically pray much. I have started praying more frequently recently as there is a lot of uncertainty in mine and Phillip's lives, but I generally don't think much of it. I'm not very well connected. There. I said it. This week, starting with my weekend at UCYC with the high school kids, has jump-started my spiritual life. It's wonderful, but, honestly, also a bit scary! When you invite God in, you have to expect things to happen! For me, not knowing exactly what could having, trying to have blind faith and acceptance of the unknown, is frightening!

I'm so thankful for prayer.
Communicate with God.

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