Saturday, August 4, 2012



Life has been more of the same lately. Phillip and I have done a lot of Olympics watching. On the job front...ugh. Phillip doesn't have much to share. I have been growing ever impatient with Parkview since they STILL have not contacted me to tell me yea or nay on the job I interviewed for. I called the Birthing Center supervisor the week after my peer interview, but had to leave a voicemail and did not receive a call back. So I waited more. Then, on Thursday, I called HR. I spoke to a very nice man who said he knew there had been job availabilities so he asked for my phone number, said he would talk to the supervisor, and then get back with me. Today is Saturday. He hasn't gotten back with me. So? I guess I'm going to call again on Monday. I mean, come on guys! I want to work for you so badly! Don't you think you should hire me for my passion alone?!

Aside from those frustrations, we've been enjoying more community time, family, friendships. Oh and MY DEAREST FRIEND GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK! Pictures are all over Facebook and my Instagram so you can check those out.

Well wishes are appreciated! Have a happy weekend!

**As you can see, I not only changed this little blog's layout and design, but I changed the title, too. I actually kinda hated the old one. Long, unoriginal, dumb. For ease of transition, though, I did keep the same URL. Whatevs. 


  1. er lerve yer <3

  2. love the new title. whimsy.

  3. yay to good friends getting married. hope a job opportunity works out!
    and olympics watching is the only way to pass the time!
    xo TJ