Friday, December 2, 2011


It's arrived.

My favorite time of year is here. I've been giddy for months weeks, but now that Thanksgiving has passed and December has arrived, the rest of the country is saying I'm allowed to celebrate full force! The tree is up and decorated, I've crafted a few special decorations for our tiny space, happy lights adorn the patio, and a bit of sparkly garland is draped across the living room windows.

...Ahh, I love it.

I'm almost, almost, sad I won't be able to cherish it all the way up until the big day since we'll be away from our little home here.

I realized I never posted the pictures I took from the church picnic a few weeks back! I apologize in advance to my cold weather friends who will hate seeing all the sunshine...or just the thought of a picnic in November...

Nevertheless, we had such a fun time and the church raised a ton more money than agreed upon for Brian to have his hair cut off. Bouncy houses, a dunk tank, food, and shaving the youth pastor's head--sounds like a fun time :-)

New Life's new teaching pastor Pat McCulla!

Pie eating contest

Little Skyler!

He kept looking at the phone rather than the lens. Oh well. He's sweet, so it's ok.
1. Lead pastor Steve  2. Elaine Jenkins
Cutey baby alert!

1. Brad & Sean  2. Phillip & Dalton {obviously, Phill won}
Before & After!

Phillip, taking revenge on his boss

Alright, I'm tired so it's back to relaxing, listening to Hunger Games on disk, and heading to the gym.
Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Christmas! It's finally here. Now we can have the tree up and our funky decorations. the last three months of the year are always my favorite because I start to feel the nostalgic & just thinking about the pending family times.

    Your post made me warm inside and I can't wait to get my tree. My house is partially decorated but it's never complete until we have our tree decorated with all our personal ornaments we have gathered over the years.

    Mary from