Thursday, November 24, 2011


Initially, we were going to enjoy Thanksgiving just the two of us, like last year, but when my new friend from church, Christy, invited us to her family's gathering we figured we would give it a shot! I thought it might be nice to be around others.

I am so glad we went! We enjoyed a wonderful meal, had some fun conversation, played games, and laughed until we were crying...ok, I was the only one crying. Plus, croquet! Only in Arizona would you find people playing croquet outside on Thanksgiving.

Croquet hottie

When we came home we got to Facetime chat {thanks be to iPhones!} with my family back in Indiana. The Carmien clan was gathering at Mom and Dad's this year so we got to see everyone! I can't wait to actually see all my family face-to-face next month and give everyone big hugs! 

Because we originally were going to have a solo Thanksgiving I had already bought a turkey in advance. Phill decided we would brine tonight and he would cook it tomorrow. Even if it doesn't turn out, I'm pleased to have these next pictures.

Staring at the bird in deep confusion

Poor bird

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. We have the same spice rack! Hope everything turned out okay with the bird!!! Looks like Phill will have LOTS of leftovers!