Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Move It, Move It

20 Weeks Y'all!

We're a movin' and a groovin' over here. Baby is moving a lot and I. Am. Loving it! Feeling my little baby's powerful kicks and even SEEING my abdomen bounce with it is so completely reassuring. My midwife appointment this morning went great. Baby's heartbeat is 160, mama's feeling good, and we decided to go ahead and schedule a mid-pregnancy ultrasound. 

Next thing to tackle: childcare. I'll be returning to work after baby arrives, so we're on the hunt for a truly great babysitter/daycare provider. I'm hoping it won't be a huge problem that I'm planning to cloth diaper my little one. So...any suggestions Huntington, IN folk???

Also...pediatrician?! Yikes.

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  1. My goodness woman! You are too cute!!! Love that little bump and those glasses! what a fashionable mommy!!!