Thursday, September 22, 2011


Post-pool time! Only the 2nd time all summer (wait, it's Autumn now...) I've been in the pool!

I'm making a quilt for Margot =)

Life has been pretty much same ol, same ol around here lately. Work, church, Margot, trying to sleep, workout, Internet TV. I have been switching up my diet lately, though. At the beginning of this week I had the bright idea to do a cleanse...The Master Cleanse. Since our trip at the beginning of the month I have been eating really poorly and feeling my clothes getting a bit more snug, even though I've still been working out regularly. So, I thought a cleanse would be a great way to jump start my body into a healthier lifestyle again.

Basically I "lasted" about a day and a half before I had to quit because I felt horrible. I didn't like the drink, so I didn't drink enough of it. Therefore, I wasn't getting hardly any calories leaving me seriously wiped out.

So, what I've been doing instead is a bit of a modified raw food diet. The die hard raw food peeps don't cook anything EVER. I would say I'm planning to stick to at least 75% raw. So far it's great! I think because I have a set meal plan in order, my brain literally just isn't considering any of the other processed unhealthy foods that I often crave. I'm loving me some kale and spinach salads, and gobs of grapes. Mmmm grapes :-) Plus I really feel awesome and it's only been 2 days of this stuff. I'm excited to continue with it especially since I know I'm doing great for my body.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Good luck with the raw food diet, I'm sorry that the other left you feeling wiped out. Your dog is so cute!


  2. Um. I talked to Grandma Hazen the other day and told her a little about my craft stuff. She said she thought I might be the next quilter and when I mentioned that I thought I remember seeing a picture of a quilt you were doing for Margot she flipped out and was super excited. You should show her the pic of the quilt! She'd probably pass out from excitement! lol

  3. I also saw some peacock feather hair extensions today that made me think of you!