Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Update #2; The Great Outdoors

It's no surprise to anyone that Sedona, AZ is breathtakingly awesome. We found we were particularly able to enjoy the trip now that we {especially Phill} have been hiking a lot more.

iPhone Photo Dump!

 The first 8 were all taken from our first hike at Devil's Bridge. Rightfully named, don't you think? The last photo is Montezuma's Castle. Truly fascinating stuff.

I'd like you to swing on over to our/Phill's ministry blog to view his recent video update! It's very informational and has some pretty important stuff in it this time around...not that they aren't always important...digging myself into a hole...stopping now. Please check it out HERE!


  1. that looks beautiful! i live on the east coast and have never seen anything like that. enjoy your trip!

  2. Thanks! We're back now, but we did have an amazing time! I had never seen anything like this until we moved out west just about a year ago, myself.