Friday, April 20, 2012

A Week in Review and a Look to the Future

The past week or so has been great, but tiring! Last weekend alone we had two weddings. At work, I've started precepting a new employee. While it's been a good week at work, there's a little extra added stress teaching someone the ropes. Thank goodness she's so sweet and she picks everything up so well. Wednesday, I tagged along with the staff from New Life to the Diamondback's game to hear the Tremble Clefs {yes, that's really the name} sing the National Anthem. They're a singing group comprised of Parkinson's diagnosed men and women and one of New Life's own, Dave, is a member. I cried.

Also, now we're sweating. Thanks, but no thanks, Arizona heat.

That's my segue into the important stuff. We're leaving the Arizona heat. We don't know exactly when we're leaving, yet, but we're here definitely until a week or so after Houseboat camp {Yep. High school camp is on houseboats!} which is June 4-8. Yesterday, Phill's departure was announced at his staff meeting. Today, I turned in my formal resignation letter. We don't know specifically where we're moving TO, exactly, but we know we are moving closer to our families.

Basically, we could still use a lot of prayers for all the wide open blanks in our plan. Prayers for Phill to find a job, prayers for Alyssa to find a job, prayers for health, prayers for smooth transition with finances and everything else along the way, and prayers for safe travels once the time comes!


  1. I LOVE your hair like that!!!! You are gorgeous!! And good luck with the precepting! It's hard work but so gratifying to help someone else!!

    1. Oh my word. Thank you and then thank you some more! You're totally right about precepting, too. Sometimes challenging, but I'm happy to help guide new nurses in the right direction!